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Wines from Italy - a family affair!

Wines from Italy - a family affair!

The Cheshire Smokehouse is a family business, so it has been with considerable enthusiasm that Philip in the Wine Department has teamed up with a local family run supplier based in Chester. Now it’s no coincidence that this partnership works well since Biancha Trading specialise in importing Italian wines from small family owned vineyards – it’s a family affair.

“Italy is where it all started for Bianca Trading, with wines produced by our family connection, originally from Tuscany, and now from Basilicata, where my brother in law Fabrizio and his son make the excellent Grifalco from one of the best grapes in the south of Italy, Aglianico del Vulture…” says Juliusz Lisowski of Biancha Trading.

Currently we have nine wines from the Biancha stable in the Wine Department. They are not going to be listed here, but suffice it to say Phil is very proud of this ‘family’ supply structure, since it has enable the Cheshire Smokehouse to offer some really exciting quality wines from Italy (north and south) that you won’t find at your ‘every-day’ wine merchant.

The picture above was taken quickly in-store and shows the nine wines that Philip has procured. Come into the Smokehouse Shop to get a professional and knowledgeable opinion on any one (or all?) of them, Philip will tell you all you need to know… before you make your choice.

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