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BBQ with The Smokehouse

BBQ with The Smokehouse

We have a great selection of products here at The Smokehouse that are perfect for any BBQ.

Why not order one of our carefully selected BBQ packs from our Butchery by calling in or ringing 01625548499. We have 2 packs available:

Pack 1 for 6-8 people which includes 6 x hand-pressed steak burgers, 6 x piri-piri chicken strips, 4 x dry-aged rump steaks, 12 x Cumberland sausages & 4 x Cheshire pork supremes.

Pack 2 for 8-10 people which includes 8 x hand-pressed steak burgers, 8 x piri-piri chicken breast strips, 6 x dry-aged rump steaks, 16 x Cumberland sausages & 1 butterflied leg of Cheshire lamb with a garlic marinade.

We also have a wide range of prepared products available in the shop and along with the meat we also have an extensive range of superb accompanying dishes, sauces, dips & snacks to make it an unforgettable feast!

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