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Delicious pickles from the Fine Cheese Co.

Delicious pickles from the Fine Cheese Co.

The Cheshire Smokehouse is now offering some extra special pickles, selected from another family business based in Bath – the Fine Cheese Company.

This 20 year-old Somerset producer of fine hand-made cheeses also offers a wide selection of accompaniments from which the Cheshire Smokehouse has made a selection to help stimulate the festive taste buds.


English Pickled Walnuts

In sweetened vinegar, to flatter cheese. Add crunch to a ploughman’s, or class to a cheese-board.


Pickled Figs for Cheddar Cheese 

Figs in spiced & sweetened cider vinegar. Makes cheddar a new experience. Most bottle fruits come either in syrup/alcohol and are too sweet, or come in spiced vinegar and are too acid for cheese. These figs are pickled in a vinegar base creation of a sweet/sour balance which complements different cheeses perfectly. The ultra-soft texture and underlying sweetness of the figs are a fabulous contrast to a full - flavoured  mature Cheddar.


Fruit & Nut Torta.

Inspired by cheese, created in Spain. This Spanish cheese accompaniment from Murcia, is made from dried, pressed fruits and nuts and a touch of aniseed. It is delicious with Manchego, or any hard cheese where its fruity, sweet intensity is a foil for the creamy, rich saltiness of the cheese.

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